Bermuda Breeze 30 Air Pump


Ideal for medium to large ponds.

Model 30
Voltage AC230/115V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Output 30lpm
Power 25W
Air Stones 4
Dimensions: 275 x 167 x 176 mm

Bermuda Breeze Air Pumps are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure maximum efficiency and durability. Each model is supplied with airline, flow adjusters and air stones. Adding increased levels of oxygen into a garden pond can greatly improve the environment for ornamental fish and wildlife, as well as reducing the likelihood the pond freezing over in winter.

Not submersible – never put the air pump in the water. Poolside use only.

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • complete with airline, flow adjusters and air stones
  • aids the health of all ornamental fish
  • inexpensive to run at only 25 watts
  • supplied with 5 meters of rubberised cable.

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